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PULKKA was set up in 2004. From a labour of love initially imagined as a kind of shed-in-the-back-garden -version of a production house we tinkered away facilitating productions until the company crew to take on our own projects and documentary development.

We work with one man crews, multicamera shoots, corporate production, small company videos and broadcast documentary, with particular love for art films and charity films. We still support other production companies with camerawork and editing and love to collaborate. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but experienced in traveling, shooting and producing anywhere in the world.

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For general help and advice filming in Scotland, see Film Bang or Edinburgh Film Focus.

Unfortunately we do not produce drama, nor are we able to act on unsolicited proposals from directors and writers. Not because we don’t love you but because we are a tiny company and mostly have our hands full making our own work. So you are better off directing your emails to those other, excellent companies out there.

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Minttu Maari Mäntynen – Director

Minttu was born in Helsinki and has lived in Scotland for the past eighteen years, despite sometimes missing winters with snow and a good sauna at the summer cabin. She has a handknitted background in stills photography and design with occasional adventures in philosophy and literature studies, and has worked as a cinematographer for past sixteen years across independent drama and broadcast documentary.

She was a cinematography tutor at Edinburgh College of Art between 2004 and 2014 and still teaches and runs workshops by arrangement.

Her own work is largely experimenting with visual narrative structures and forms, and has taken her traveling to festivals and galleries across Europe, Canada, Brazil and North America.

Email: minttu[at] Call: +44 (0)7971 952 920

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