Pulkka is a small production company based in Edinburgh. It was founded in 2004 as a ‘shed in the back garden’ -version of a production house, facilitating productions for larger companies to begin with, then quickly growing to create documentary film and video productions of our own.

Some of the work we most love is made for and about art and artists, crafts and charities.

Oodi Central Library - still from a film
Helsinki Central Library Oodi (2019) Still from a film commisioned by the architects.
The Butterfly (2015) Directing, filming and editing took a whole year of visits to the studio.

In addition to our own productions and commissions, we do editing, cinematography, photography and design. There’s been archive projects and special commissions for events¬† and festivals.

The Vessel (2015) cinematography and edit for a project by Henna-Riikka Halonen.
Frame capture of the footage of the incompleted film Lost Treasure, re-imagined into a 60 minute edit with live music track in 2016.
From the instructional yoga videos for Esak Garcia (2018)

We also do performance and event coverage. Plays, concerts, shows, seminars and live talks. Instructional videos, interactive films and video walls for galleries and shared spaces.

Horizontal Collaboration (2015)  promotional image for Fringe Festival play.

News and projects.